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Record 21: Portrait of Lewis Turner




Portrait of Lewis Turner  CRS # 21

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Artist:   George Caleb Bingham, American, 1811-1879


Title:    Portrait of Lewis Turner   [pendant to CRS 22]

              Born 1811; Died 1865


Husband of Martha Ann Payne Turner.  Probably a resident of Georgetown, Kentucky. [biographical information in-progress]


CRS # 21 & 22











Medium:  Oil on canvas


Size:  24 x 19 inches (oval)


Date:  1850


Collections:  Private Collection


Exhibitions:  Not exhibited


Publications:  George Caleb Bingham Catalogue Raisonne Supplement: CRS #21 (2014)


Note: E. Maurice Bloch was not aware of this painting and consequently did not mention or include it in his 1986 Catalogue Raisonne.