Angela Zimm, during her professional career (1980s-2014), worked as a writer and journalist . She recently retired from the position of Health and Science Editor for Bloomberg News, based in Boston and London. During her career at Bloomberg, from 2000 to 2014, she covered some of the most important developments in biological science and medicine of the current age, including Human Genome Project, cancer genetics and the rise of biotechnology drugs. Her articles have been widely republished.  In 2014, she returned to personal interests in writing, music and dance, photography, and a professional interest in art history and the study and practice of connoisseurship and the commodification of the art market.


Prior to Bloomberg, living in Massachussetts and Maryland, she worked as a newspaper feature writer, a City Hall and education reporter for the Salem Evening News, a freelance contributor to Boston Globe specialty publications, and Maryland Statehouse reporter at the Daily Record and Warfield’s Business Record.  She began her journalism career in the 1980s in Chicago as a contributor to Backstage, a film industry publication, writing about notable directors of commercial and documentary films, including Josef Sedelmaier and Terry Zwigoff. She also acted in commercial  and industry-training films and played a small part (and found immortality!) as a Chardonnay-swilling art gallery hostess in the 1985 Chuck Norris action movie ``Code of Silence.’’ Employment at the Chicago Mercantile Exchange helped pay her way through college and provided an additional education in the world of business, finance and investment.


She holds an M.A. in English Literature from the University of Illinois (1986) and a B.A. from Dominican University (1983) in River Forest, Illinois.

Angela Zimm grew up in a musical family, whose mother and father met as performers in the chorus of the Chicago Lyric Opera and Hull House Opera in the late 1940s.  She studied piano as a child and adolescent under Sylvio Insana, an eminent Chicago composer and conductor.  In the 1970s, she studied Modern Dance under Nana Shineflug and performed with various small companies in Chicago and in Eugene, Oregon, and set up a school for dance in McKenzie Bridge, Oregon.


She currently lives in Northampton, Massachussets where she is restoring a 115-year-old farmhouse on the Mill River.  She serves on the Advisory Board as Media & Editorial Consultant.